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SPE Connect – About Us

Senior management positions, from General managers through to Area / Regional managers and above are critical positions within a company and require a strong understanding of how people function and what motivates them. We keep such traits at the heart of our talent searches, along with complementary skills that make someone fit for a role they can own.

SPE Resourcing has been proving its senior recruitment value since 2009. And, in 2017, founder Daniel Cornwell took on a partner. Simon Parsons entered the business with a clear, intimate vision for clients and their management structures, which led to the formation of SPE Connect.

As candidates often become clients, we sought to provide a continuous (yet distinct) service for those who grow into Retail, Leisure and Hospitality leaders. We focus on only a handful of roles at a time, and there are few professional circles or resources that we can’t use. We cover the full leadership journey, from senior hires to those they’ll rely on when they’re active in their position.

Both of our founders have spent time in our core industries; they know what it takes to succeed there today. This enables us to filter and engage with the top candidates all levels – whilst adapting to modern trends and consumer tastes. Our blog has more to share on this subject.

Contact  us to today to discuss how we can support your senior strategy, or help you develop your career and land your next perfect role. Ready? Get in touch here.