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Mary Owen, formerly Division Director for the Retail Team at Vodafone, took the opportunity for a fresh start as Director of Trade Counters at ScrewFix after being headhunted by Daniel. Here, she shares her experience with SPE Connect.

Much of my career has been spent at Vodafone, where I worked my way up the company over the course of 14 years. The past 5 of those were spent in retail; I loved the people and constant change in this team – every day was different, and I hadn’t considered a career move.

Headhunters had called me in the past, of course, but I never pursued a role. Recruiters tended to get in touch with telecoms roles very similar to the one I was in; as I was happy in my current job, there was nothing to pique my interest. However, Daniel was different – he came to me with a really exciting opportunity, and I wanted to know more.

After an initial chat over the phone, we scheduled a Skype meeting. The role was at ScrewFix – a very different sector of the retail market, which appealed to me. And while my CV on paper might not have been an obvious match, he knew the client well enough to recognise a good cultural fit when he saw one.

By spending time getting to know my own wants and needs, Daniel felt confident that we would be right for each other. He secured an interview, provided some resources on the company to help me prepare, and recommended that I visit a few shops beforehand to familiarise myself with ScrewFix’s retail environment.

As Daniel predicted, I connected well with the HR team during the first interview and was invited back for a second with the Operations Director, before a final interview with the CEO. Throughout the process, Daniel gave me regular updates and feedback, ensuring that everything moved along without any hiccups.

I was offered the role but had to work out a three-month contract with Vodafone before I could take the position. ScrewFix were really relaxed about this and encouraged me to take some time out with my family before getting started. Again, Daniel stayed in touch and even sent a bottle of champagne to congratulate me on the job offer.

We spoke several times further in the first week of my new job, making sure that I was settling into the role nicely. This personal touch really put me at ease; I felt like he was genuinely looking out for me, not just pandering to the needs of his client.

Daniel is really helpful, flexible and easy to deal with. I’ve already recommended SPE Connect to a friend of mine, and would strongly suggest that anyone he headhunts takes the call!

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