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The retail landscape is almost unrecognisable to that of 10 or 15 years ago. The most adaptable, forward-thinking leaders are needed to bring the creativity, momentum and team spirit necessary to keep a business on the right side of change.

“When I was disillusioned with recruiters promising to deliver the best senior candidates in the market and then being let down time and time again, along came SPE Connect. Like a breath of fresh air, they genuinely cared about us as a client and most importantly about the needs of their candidates too.”

SPE Connect have an extensive reputation in UK retail. We help talented individuals reach Area Manager vacancies, Regional Manager roles, or any management position in which they can grow and challenge themselves.

Why we’re different

We’re built on quality, value and service not volume. A hire may take longer to resolve, but the end result is always exactly what our clients need at the time it matters most.

Our background as a senior retail recruiter gave us the skills to recognise how management and executive roles can complement and strengthen one another. Consequently, we’re able to hone in on the best qualities for middle management positions, whilst staying aware of how they feed back into a brand’s wider aspirations.

Sourcing top-grade retail talent

The teams behind SPE Connect and SPE Resourcing have been at the forefront of the UK’s retail and hospitality sectors for a number of years – which means we’re adept at sourcing up-and-coming management figures.

Our candidates can prove they can inspire and lead by example. Furthermore, they’re also interested in technological and social change, particularly for consumer behaviour, and have demonstrable talent for hitting and surpassing targets and KPIs. We pride ourselves on our ability to search for, communicate with, and really understand the people who are ready to take a team to victory.

To learn more about our retail recruiter experience, speak to us today.