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Hospitality businesses have their own precise needs that have to be met in order to remain competitive in an ever-changing climate. We recognise this, as well as how a Regional Manager, Area Manager or any other leader can take a team to the top of their industry.

““Breaking the traditional mould of recruitment. SPE treats candidates as real people and clients as individuals that need the time spent understanding their business.”

SPE Connect source and deliver quality candidates to the roles they’ll excel in. But we don’t function like a regular recruiter or an executive headhunter. We’re a mix of the two – analysing what a business really needs to take it forward and finding the appropriate figures to make it happen.

It’s not about taking the shortcut to a role. It’s about understanding the aspirations of both candidates and clients and what the hospitality sector demands of a brand today.

We serve up top-level insight

Whether we’re delivering a project identifying the next generation of General Managers or finding the best talent for Area / Regional Manager vacancies, hospitality recruitment has to look wider and further than the mid-tier role alone. SPE Connect considers the levels of an organisation above and below middle managers. We then base our shortlist on those who can translate senior decisions effectively to the people they’ll affect every day.

Equally, we complement the next stage of a senior hiring plan. As part of SPE Resourcing, we’re able to work alongside an executive strategy, helping our clients’ brand values filter into a management role. This means we are able to deliver a seamless service and they don’t have to go anywhere else to find the best people for the job.

We look beyond the CV

Experience is not the final grade for how well a candidate may do in a brand they’re passionate about. Personal skills, high achievements, motivating a team to go above and beyond… All of these qualities cohere into the perfect candidate.

A CV isn’t everything. Management positions rely on talent that can’t be quantified on a piece of paper. And it starts, as ever, with a phone call…

Speak to us for a smarter and more personal form of hospitality recruitment.